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Netflix Instant suggestions, favorites, news, and gems.
Jul 25 '11

Important Additions to Netflix Instant

Muriel’s Wedding

The X-Men cartoon series

Mrs. Doubtfire


RuPaul’s Drag Race

Sep 10 '10

Anonymous asked:

Smiley Face

I haven’t seen this movie and, as much as I like Anna Faris, Netflix said I would like it 2 stars’ worth. Anyone else want to give it a watch? This is Netflix’s description of it:

Talk about living the high life: Hilarity ensues as a young actress named Jane (Anna Faris) attempts to get around town after accidentally consuming a batch of marijuana-laced treats belonging to her wacko roommate. Stoned out of her mind, she must pay her gas bill, accompany a chum to the dentist and make it to an audition before the day is done. Marion Ross and Danny Trejo co-star in this comedy of errors from director Gregg Araki.”

They didn’t exactly sell me with “talk about living the high life:” nor the mention of the “wacko roommate” or the trials and tribulations of paying one’s gas bill.  But this movie comes recommended none the less.

Sep 10 '10

'Flix Friday

This week I finished the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was a little skeptical for the first few episodes (it is, as my friend put it, “an artifact from growing up in the 90’s”) but it won me over and falls under that magical category of “AUGHHH WHY WASN’T I THAT SMART AND COOL AND FUNNY IN HIGH SCHOOL” with Veronica Mars. So I recommend Buffy if you’re one of the three remaining people on earth who haven’t seen it (I thought I was the only one but I figure there has to be at least two more).  A lot of the rest of my time this week was spent watching Season 1 of Breaking Bad on DVD (real DVD, the kind you have to wait for the mail to deliver). It is so good, worth putting on the regular queue.

Still, I managed to find a couple other things.

New to Instant:

Lois & Clark


Wow, speaking of growing up in the 90’s! This picture is NO JOKE. I barely remember Lois & Clark but after watching the pilot, I have an inkling it’s why I wanted to become a journalist for a while. There is also a really fun Whore at the Daily Planet character. The show is fun to watch either way, if you can get over Dean Caine’s awful hair. He’s kind of creepy, right?

I also forgot to mention last week that Star Trek (the new movie) is available on Instant. And I’m pretty sure people generally agreed that that movie was awesome. It’s still a rareity to find legitimate movies on Instant, but it’s happening more frequently.

Also available on Instant: The Big Lebowski, The X-Files, Law & Order, The Tudors, Futurama.

This week, I plan to watch The Young Victoria, and Season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

What are you watching?

Sep 3 '10

'Flix Friday

Here are some favorites, what I watched this week, and some new additions to the Netflix Instant family.


The Human Face  This four-part BBC series is all about, well, the human face. There are episodes about the physical human face, reading facial expressions, and other really interesting stuff. John Cleese hosts it with the help of Elizabeth Hurley and it is legitimately interesting and funny. Can you dig it?

Watch if you like: Discovery Channel specials, John Cleese, learning

Pushing Daisies  Such a great show that never got much of a chance before it was canceled. Super interesting to watch and very fantastical and funny. Also, Kristin Chenoweth is in it, you guys!

Watch if you like: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Desperate Housewives (I guess, but watch it even if you hate Desperate Housewives as I do), fantasy crime solving!


I Like Killing Flies  This documentary was recommended to me by Netflix so many times I had to watch it. It claimed I would give it four and a half stars, which is a pretty good recommendation. I liked it about three and a half stars worth. It’s about the owner of “Shopsin’s” in New York, a small diner with rules and regulars. The owner is a pretty interesting guy, and kind of an asshole.

Watch if you like: Vernon, Florida, other Errol Morris documentaries, documentaries about individuals.

Herb and Dorothy  I didn’t actually watch this one, Jeff watched it but said he would watch it again a day or so later. It’s about an old couple who collects art and apparently they’re really cute and awesome.

Watch if you like: Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock (and you should totally add that one to your regular queue because it’s great)


These movies are actually good, and are available on Instant now!

Iron Man  

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Harold and Maude (I’ve been meaning to watch it for a long time and now that it’s on Instant I don’t have an excuse)

The Land Before Time  (if you’re drunk or something)


These movies and shows are on my list of things to watch on Instant soon.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 1 

I give in! I’ve heard it recommended so many times I have to watch it now.

Friday Night Lights, Season 1  Again, I was skeptical, especially because I’m not into football or Varsity Blues but I hear this show is really great.

Grey Gardens (the original documentary)  I’m intrigued and it feels like something I should see. My mom recommends watching the documentary after the miniseries with Drew Barrymore.

Again, I’m always wanting suggestions for the queue and for this blog and we’re still looking for contributors!

Aug 26 '10

Don’t Bother With: ‘Cashmere Mafia’

Why do I keep watching episodes of this show? It’s one of several failed attempts to snare the Sex and the City audience (the failed Lipstick Jungle is another example). Cashmere Mafia has all the typical “lady show” elements; it revolves around a group of four highly successful women (power bitches) in New York City.  I got three or four episodes in and still can’t discern what two of them actually do, just that they are powerful business ladies. Then again, this show doesn’t exactly require one’s full attention.  Like other lady shows, there’s a sub-plot where one of our girls is trying out being a lesbian (with another hot lesbian), and another storyline where one woman’s husband is cheating on her. Then there’s another character who has a great husband and kids but she’s trying to juggle it all because she is such a successful business lady! And Lucy Liu’s character is also very successful and powerful and stylish.  Also, the characters have names like Zoe, Juliet, and Cilla. The actresses aren’t terrible in Cashmere Mafia (Lucy Liu, what happened?) but the show is so “whaddya say, GIRLS?!” that it’s almost offensive.  Watch it if you’ve exhausted your instant queue and you just had your wisdom teeth removed.  Or if you and your gal pals (who always walk down the streets arm in arm) are resting comfortably atop your individual empires but still find time to go out for lunch or host impromptu wine nights to spill the latest DISH.

Watch if you like: Lipstick Jungle, Sex and the City 2, torturing yourself.

Aug 25 '10

Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment

I’m currently watching Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment.  This show is brought to us by Discovery Channel, and apparently there are multiple seasons. I’m not sure when this show originally happened, but it is awesome and kind of devastating. It’s a reality series about nine city folk (more or less) who test their limits trying to survive in the Alaskan wilderness.  It’s like the way Survivor was supposed to be, but everyone is working together. There’s no prize, just the satisfaction of knowing you could do it. If anyone decides to give up, they just press a button on their GPS thing and a rescue helicopter comes to get them.  This show is actually pretty good and has held my attention so far.  It is also ideal to create an accompanying drinking game.  For example, take a drink every time the narrator mentions how badly the group will need food to carry on.

Watch if you like: Survivor, Man vs Wild, teamwork, inventing drinking games

Aug 23 '10

No Impact Man

Enjoy this inspirational/motivational documentary about a guy who tries to gradually reduce his lifestyle (and that of his wife and daughter) to zero impact. A charming and realistic look at one NYC family’s struggle to make a difference.  I was very moved and inspired by this documentary to try at least one or two things he did to lower his carbon footprint.

Watch if you like: Environmentally-conscious documentaries, Garbage Warrior, 30 Days (also on Instant), Julie and Julia (I guess?)

Aug 23 '10

That Mitchell and Webb Look

This British sketch series is incredibly intelligent and hilarious. Watch it from the beginning so you can appreciate the gradual amplification of the comedy in the recurring sketches. A really, really funny show. Dare I say funnier than Little Britain (which is also available on Instant)? Yes.

Watch if you like: Little Britain, Peep Show, British comedy

Aug 22 '10

Anonymous asked:

King Corn--inspired by The Omnivore's Dilemma, by Michael Pollan

Definitely worth checking out, especially if you like documentaries about the food industry.

Watch if you like: Food, Inc, The Botany of Desire, Michael Pollan, Killer at Large

Aug 22 '10

christinalikesbirds asked:

The entire Dick van Dyke Show series is on instant watch. That show is seriously amazing and worth watching!

Awesome! I didn’t even know and I love Mary Tyler Moore!

Watch if you like: I Love Lucy, Mary Tyler Moore, old tv shows, the character Burt in Mary Poppins.